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Giudicelli International
Our services
In light of the increasing difficulty to find high level professionals in an ever-changing world, Giudicelli International is committed to offering you a truly personalised service on a case-by-case basis in order to satisfy your recruitment requirements, down to the smallest detail.
Our strategy is driven by key values such as attentive listening, consultancy and collaboration.
We are committed to implement this ethic at each stage of our work.

The hiring of an executive is a crucial issue in our ever more demanding and shifting world.


Leadership consulting

Aim : that rare profile

Giudicelli International Executive Search is specialised in the recruitment of executives.
We search for those rare profiles possessing qualities that will bring true added value to your company.
Our expertise in the area of recruitment has been built on experience of a range of fields and types of companies, be they large corporations, SMEs, start-ups or companies with a family shareholding.

Our added value : Giudicelli International is a consultancy with global reach

we know no borders when it comes to seeking the talent you need. 
Thanks to the wealth of personal experience of our international team, we are able to pinpoint unique profiles anywhere in the world.

Our consultants undertake searches on a case-by-case basis, using their knowledge of your sector and the job position in question, as well as the wealth of their own professional experience. Their understanding of the diversity of other cultures and their openness of mind are also undoubtedly major assets.

We do not limit ourselves to simply taking into account the place of work determined by the assignment, but seek ever more diversity in order to enrich your company. We work in all countries, but offer a particular expertise in Asia, the Middle East and key European countries such as Switzerland.

An original process that involves several methods and is proactive

Giudicelli International uses the best recruitment methods, gleaned from the biggest international consultancies.

Our responsiveness allows us to start working on your behalf immediately. We draw up a precise schedule so that you may track our actions in complete transparency.

Management appraisal: a tool with proven effectiveness

Management Appraisal is a thorough and objective evaluation of human capital.
This analysis takes the form of a systematic and pragmatic approach of an employee’s or candidate’s professional performance. This method provides your company with a pertinent basis for making objective and rational decisions.

Area of action of Management Appraisal

1) Benchmarking of candidates – internally and externally – to check that they have the required skills to occupy the vacant position.

2) Evaluation of human resources in order to optimise their adaptation to the company’s strategy in the medium and long-term.

3) Evaluation of the potential of executives, lines of force in the specific business context. Study of the various aspects of their sense of leadership and entrepreneurship.


A common basis: a charter of our commitments

  • A close partnership with our clients to understand and analyse their business context, as well as their strategic issues, all in the utmost confidentiality.
  • In-depth and finely tuned knowledge of the various aspects of the required performance.
  • Our consultants’ expertise and experience.
  • An overview of the position and its place within the company culture, taking into account the developments foreseen by the company.
  • A combination of behavioural and professional skills: using professional tools and goals, we check that the candidate has the qualities to succeed in their position, beyond their level of qualifications.

A guarantee of success: long-term monitoring or legal and financial support

In the course of our searches, we make it a point to guarantee you a consultancy service with a human and social aspect.
We feel that it is important to maintain an authentic and sincere dialogue with both the company and the chosen candidate.
Moreover, we offer our assistance in drawing up your work contracts, particularly regarding remuneration levels and systems.
We also offer to assist you in preparing the integration of your new executive, as well as helping them and their family to set up home abroad.
The whole of the GIES team has travelled extensively  and lived in a wide range of very different countries. They will be happy to offer you advice, support and information when you move abroad.

Project management assistance

Combining our lines of services, at the time of an acquisition, or when shifting from a JV to a fully owned subsidiary in a specific market, or when shifting from an independent distributor to a fully owned market presence, we provide Project Management Assistance during the whole process with :

1) The design of a target organisation
2) The assessment of competencies vs a leadership model and vs the market
3) The setting up of a transition and a succession plan
4) The search of external candidates if required

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